What a breeze!    


We used Mary Beth as our planner.  When we hired her we had already booked all our vendors and thought we needed her for only the last minute details so we could "be a guest" at our daughter's wedding. Boy were we wrong, many last minute details came up and she handled them like a true professional.  The wedding was perfect, she actually got us many extras we would of never had if I had done this completely on my own.  I would highly recommend her. She is worth every cent and made the wedding so much more enjoyable.  My son is engaged and I  have already hired her to do the complete wedding.


~Debbie, Mother of the Bride



A life saver!  


Perhaps I should call her a sanity saver. Mary Beth became my wedding planner approximately 8 weeks prior to the actual wedding. I had foolishly thought that I could plan our wedding myself and have a fulltime job, so when she joined almost nothing was done! All I had was a venue and a church. My anxiety levels were through the roof. 

MB got right to work, without flinching or judging. She made me feel like everything would be fine. In no time (literally) we had secured a caterer, flowers, decorations, the wedding cake, gifts for the guests, music, etc. 

Thanks to Mary Beth we had a beautiful wedding, and I could actually enjoy myself the day of the event knowing that everything was in good (and highly capable) hands!

She completely exceeded my expectations and went above and beyond to make our day a success. I was so relieved to realize that she was still managing the details when I was just ready to go to sleep! She handled things I hadn't even thought about. Like what to do with the extra cake after the party & how to get back to the hotel for my wedding night. I was so focused on getting to the events and through the events I hadn't even considered what needed to happen at the end of the night!

Thank you Mary Beth!